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If you are in love with the Paranormal, Supernatural or books that go bump in the night The Bright Side is where you want to be. I will leave the light on for you.

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Sarah Oliverson

About My Reading Habits:

IMG_2114When I originally started reading books like, The Clan of the Cave Bear Series. This morphed into historical fictions. Eventually I found my true love for the weird stuff that everyone whispers about, but no one truly admits is there. Well, except for the book authors like myself. This eventually turned into this website. Please enjoy the authors that are on here. If you have any questions you can contact the author via their personal media or you can email us at


Who I have become:

On the eve of coming out of the Army Reserves, I am a wife, mother of two (four if you include my puppies) and a hermit. My true love is reading, with writing following right behind it. (Well, except for my family…they’re ahead of my books.) Artistically inclined, I enjoy painting and drawing, baking also if you consider that an art. I have always been known to have my head in the clouds!


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