Highlighting the Mind Literature Spotlight



Mrs. Bonnie Delaney



An elementary librarian for a school out of Colorado Springs, CO.


Here at Highlighting the Mind, we recently found out at that she has been helping to drive developing young minds by giving them a book at the end of the year. This year she has the goal of giving out two books, one for Christmas, and one for the end of the school year. With having over 600 students, what a mighty feat for this year. With your sheer determination, we applaud you here at Highlighting the Mind.

One of my favorite things that I have had the privilege to hear her say, “I never get tired of walking through these doors.”

This is the type of person I would like to help drive my child in reading.

Opening doors like these gives the imagination freedom.

If you would like to help Mrs. Delaney reach her goal of 600 books she isn’t that far off. Please email us here at highlightingthemind@gmail.com and we will point you in the right direction of how to help her reach this or her end of the year goal.

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