Highlighting the Mind’s Author Collection

When Worlds CollideDustbyBeauxCooper-200Newburgh NightsThe Threat BelowThe Wretched of MuirwoodBrokene0f55-the2bdanger2bmarkfbbe0-i2bcoriandere7de7-red2bheaded2bwomanc2371-img_4316Satin Murdercode name verity1cb04-mermaids2bsisterPurgatory7b895-the_pirates2521_in_an_adventure_with_scientists_cover4738d-go2bset2ba2bwatchman2a8bf-391px-floating_in_my_mothers_palm-coverd0781-smoke2bbellew33e30-seeing2bionea0cbb-soul2bmusicbbe53-marred_by_sue_coletta-500c7e3a-jonathan2bstrange2band2bnorrell4ec0a-fullsizerenderc8969-rumo_and_his_miraculous_adventuresad9e2-to2bkill2ba2bmockingbird63379-golden2bisle374d9-bigovereasyje-vintagejane-eyre







How it works after that? After the reviewer of your genre has received a copy of your book The review itself will be posted in their genre along with Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Google+….Is there really anymore? Just kidding, please let us know which social media you would like posted to after that and we will do our best to accomplish this.

All reviews from Highlighting the Mind will be scored off Goodreads.

1 star- did not like it

2 stars- it was ok

3 stars- liked it

4 stars- really liked it

5 stars- it was amazing