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Veiled By: Jeremy E. Cherry

“HEY BRAYDEN, OLD MAN WHEELER IS GOING TO GET YOU IF TOU DON’T STOP CUTTING THROUGH THAT CREEPY OLD CEMETARY!”  A girl yells from outside the gates. Brayden nervously looks from the group of girls to the dilapidated house at the other edge of the cemetery. “Brayden is the weirdest kid in eighth grade… well… Continue reading Veiled By: Jeremy E. Cherry

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Review: Broken

  This book did exactly what it was supposed to and it left me breathless. I say this because this was one historical fiction that sucked me in throughout the book. As she spun this historical fiction in Paris, starting in 1939, she made it possible to walk side by side with the main character… Continue reading Review: Broken

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Relentless 3 Book Series

If there could be thing that I would say about this author? I think it would be, “I love, love, love your writing! Please don’t ever stop!” What an amazing, amazing story. Let’s start at the beginning with her first book Now I must say that this story did start slow. Don’t stop reading here… Continue reading Relentless 3 Book Series