When Worlds Collide By: Rick Parker

When Worlds Collide



This was an impressive book, to say that I really enjoyed reading this book was an understatement. To give this author anything less than a 5 out of 5 on the Goodreads scale would be a lie.

After bringing to life a country that I have never been to, he made it possible to insert myself into his book and follow along with the main characters Kent and Karly Winfield who are just in Morocco on vacation…so they seem to think anyways.

I loved how he took the time to research this country and culture, he also turned this into a travel monologue. The pictures that he included made it easier to bring my imagination to life while reading this.



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Have a peek at the back:

The Kingdom of Morocco is a quiet, conservative country. At least it was before Karly Winfield arrived. Her best years may be in the rearview mirror, but buxom Karly can still turn heads. Traveling with her portly husband, from the exotic suuqs of Marrakech to the High Atlas Mountains to medieval Fes, Karly leaves a trail of cultural faux pas in her wake as the middle-aged couple bickers its way across North Africa. However, impressions change when the Winfields encounter strange phenomena in the lonely and ancient village of Tiz Tisgui, located high in the barren mountains of central Morocco. In this isolated locale that evokes a prior age, villagers believe in Jinn and other supernatural beings, while incorporating their steadfast Islamic faith into their humble daily existence. Without warning, science, religion, and everything in between begin to collide in unexpected ways. Even the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco and the President of the United States are unable to stave off catastrophe. The best they can hope for is to somehow contain the ensuing damage. In the aftermath of the events they were unexpectedly thrust into, Morocco in general and Karly Winfield in particular, find themselves changed, down to their very cores. Neither will ever be the same. When Worlds Collide is, in turn, a travelogue, a mystery, and a comedy. But, most importantly, it’s about being human and learning to coexist.