Review: Satin Murder


Satin Murder

Review by: C.M. Dawson


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Bonnie Glee’s debut novel, Satin Murder. It is a quick read set in 1950’s Seattle with female protagonist, Sallee. I met Ms. Glee at a book signing in Logan, Utah and found her to be fun and polite, and a very clever girl.

The decade after the war was filled with dreams and hopes as well as relief from the war efforts so it’s no wonder polite society let loose behind the social façade with embezzlement, illicit affairs with friends’ husbands, and murder as everybody’s favourite stress relief.  Besides being the worst decade in history for clothing design, Surgeon General warnings against smoking and drinking during pregnancy were none existent so don’t cringe.

Poor Sallee’s husband Seth takes his own life seemingly over their pending divorce. Later an unexpected audit reveals that a million dollars has gone missing as well as a third motive concerning the sale of her husband’s business.

What’s a girl to do but to rely on her on Seth’s bestfriend Max? But then circumstances lead police to suspect him as being complicit in the theft as well.

With Sallee expecting her first child along with being newly widowed things are looking pretty bleak so thank God for her faithful friend Nell. Nell and Sallee are closer than sisters and tell each other everything. If anyone can get Sallee through this ordeal it’s Nell.

At 157 pages it’s an easy read and a lot of fun so give Satin Murder a shot….so to speak. I give this one a 4 out of 5. It’s not the type of book that you have to force yourself to read. The one thing that could have been different is a stronger justification for the ping-ponging between Seattle, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah.