These are my favorite when I need something to read, but I don’t want a whole ten books of history and story behind a main character. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that because there isn’t. We all need some type of break!
 For the Novella we will start with the base of a review which will be kept between 300 and 500 words for the authors. Posting the review  to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and up to two other specified social media sites.
The review will be based off of the Goodreads scale to give the author a straight across the board review for their book. They will  be given a digital copy of the review which they can add to their book if they choose to along with a beta read to let the author know how the flow of their book is going.
For this package the price will be $40.

Goodreads Reviews:

1 Star- Did not like it

2 Stars- it was ok

3 Stars- liked it

4 Stars- really liked it

5 Stars- it was amazing

These services start January 15th, 2016.